46p/wirtanen Comet

The 46P comet has a orbital period of 5.6 years and is the brightest comet of 2018.

A few others who have imaged comet 46P have made animations to illustrate its movement.Emanuel Polichronis and Duncan Waldron had made some pretty nice animations in particular. As a result I decided to reprocess my data from 46P into a animation aswell.Unfortunately because this was imaged at 126mm focal length the movement of the comet over the 1 hour period is very subtle. As a result I also included a 1/4th cropped version at the end that better shows the movement.30 x 2min subs were used to create this animation with cross dissolve added to help create the perception of continuous motion.

Posted by Outer Obsession Photography on Friday, 14 December 2018

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