I am a skilled programmer from Australia with a passion for coding, games, astrophotography and research. I hope to create positive change in the world through my work.

I code in almost every imaginable langauge, as of recent I have completed many Unity projects in VR and also a lot of work with Android App development.

Me and my duck friend hard at work

From a young age I was fascinated with how things worked, I would collect old electronics from the side of the road, build robots out of lego, reprogram the computers at the local library. But it wasn’t until much later that I started to harness the full potenial of my passion.

I graduated from QUT with a Bachelor’s Degree of Games and Interactive Entertainment in 2016 and have accrued since several years work experience in academia on research projects and the serious application of games.

In 2019 I began working at X-Reality, Australia’s leading VR research lab as a Scientific Programmer. In my role our lab now has over 20 VR headsets and two 6dof motion simulators we use to conduct VR research with. I would advise, setup, install and maintain new hardwrae and software to keep our lab running.

Besides setting up and maintaining all of our equipment I spend my time working on VR experiments. A large portion of my work is on medical applications, which usually take place in VR. Exploiting the recent advances in mobile VR technology we are able to design medical tests that are conducted in VR.

Some of my favourite projects have been eye-tracking related, which is something that was usually limited to custom made hardware but with the recent addition of the Vive Eye Pro I have been able to create eye tracking experiments in VR with no special hardware.

I hope that I can continue to bring meaning and impactful change into this world through my work. One human can’t change everything, but every person can change something for the better.

Outside of work

In my spare time I have spent many hours outside in the freezing cold under the darkest skies imaging the cosmos. There is something so beautiful and elegant about the seemingly random assortment of objects in the sky.

This addiction started at a very young age when I insisted on my dad buying me a “very cheap” telescope from the local Dick Smith Electronics (back when they were a thing). I lost interest with the cheap piece of plastic pretty quickly but strangely enough my dad got quite upset when he couldn’t see anything through the cheap telescope.

The next day he promptly returned the telescope from where it came and headed down to a local telescope shop (which no longer exists), after talking to the owner he was convinced to get a more usable 8″ dobinson telescope.

What happened after that was quite remarkable, after I had lost interest my dad had become hooked with the astronomy bug. Throughout that year he would insist on me coming out in the cold to look at objects he had precisely placed under the eyepiece of his telescope. It didn’t happen overnight, but eventally I was hooked.

What really peaked my interest was how technical the operation of a telescope could get; this was very satisfying as I loved setting up all of the electronics and getting things to work.

OuterObsession – Mission

OuterObsession – this thing I created, was originally a simple outlet to share my adventures in astronomy with those around me. Since then I have continually pushed to expand what is possible with my goal to create an impactful platform to share my work as a whole (not just astronomy)

OuterObession will be a digital beacon shining in the cosmos, advocating for the ethical and peaceful use of software and hardware technology to further the benefit of humankind.